Musica de Mestiza


Musica de Mestiza is a night of diverse music featuring mestiza DJ Mayeva and a selection of Lingua Franca World Community Performers playing live.  The nights are generally held in intimate venues in the style of a house party and themed to the culture of a particular region.  Past events have featured [...]

Behind the Silken Veil


Behind the Silken Veil was devised and produced by our Creative Director, Geli Berg thanks to a mentoring programme from the Performing Arts and Development Agency in partnership with what is now Cheshire Rural Touring Arts. Geli collaborated with three professional dancers:  co-director Kathak dancer, Kanchan Maradan, who is of Indian heritage, [...]

Sounding the Sirens


Sounds of the Sirens was an exciting female-led songwriting project funded by Arts Council England in 2020.  The concept was simple:  three female songwriters at varying stages of their career, wrote and arranged two songs each and then chose musicians from Lingua Franca World Community Performers to produce the final songs for [...]

World Music Bus Tour Manchester


The World Music Bus Tour takes in the main diverse cultural areas of Manchester City Centre over the course of two hours.  Manchester Tour Guide Emma Fox and Broadcaster Geli Berg host the tour and present the history of migrants to Manchester and the genres of music and dance in each area.  [...]

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