Culture of Indigenous America


El Condor are musicians Vladmir Cativo from El Salvador and Gary Garamendi Guzman from Peru.  They perform traditional indigenous music and songs from North and South America in English and tribal languages.  In this workshop, they explain their relationship to the natural environment with particular reference to their costumes, instruments and the stories [...]

Creating Cultural Media


In this three-hour interactive workshop, professional copywriter, radio broadcaster and PR, Geli Berg, teaches participants how to produce audio or text for different forms of media and/or social media, using heritage or cultural identity as a source of content.  Participants will learn how to identify stories, use interview skills, record good quality [...]

The Kora and The Natural World


Come into the natural landscape of West Africa courtesy of Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh, a sixteenth-generation kora player and griot.  He will tell you about his role in Gambian society and the importance of the environment within his culture.  Participants will learn how the kora is made from natural materials and how this [...]

Learn a Palm Wine Song


This workshop comprises both performance and participation and is led by Papa Sam Alafia and Lingua Franca World Community's Creative Director, Geli Berg. Participants are introduced to a traditional song performed by Papa Sam Alafia and then taught aspects of the Krio language and to sing along.  Geli Berg then introduces some [...]

Djembe Workshops


A djembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet-shaped drum which originates from West Africa and is played with bare hands.  The main purpose of the Djembe drum was to provide a means of communication between tribes. The sounds generated by this drum comprise of bass, tone, and a slap which combined create numerous variations [...]

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